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Data Privacy Policy

1. Web-based Data

Your information is stored securely on our servers. Your information will never be shared to third-party companies or organizations.

2. Personal Data

Your personal data is stored safety during any form of computer repair performed by Anadraia Technology Solutions. Data contained on devices such as hard drives, flash drives, or other storage media that a client requests to be backed up will follow our three step backup process shown below:

• Client data will be temporarily stored on a specialized storage device from the originating storage device using customized software* which encrypts the data.
• Client data will be restored from the specialized storage device to the receiving storage device using customized software* which will decrypt the data.
• Client data will be erased from the specialized storage device using a military grade erasing method. Anadraia Technology Solutions' can not recover the data once it is erased.

* The customized software is created by Anadraia Technology Solutions. This software performs a special encryption method only able to be decrypted by this tool. This tool will never be made public and will only be on certified Anadraia Technology Solutions computers and equipment.