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Designed for personal or family websites and blogs.

• 250MB Storage
• Unlimited Transfer
• Unmanaged Server
• 2-3 day support response

$ 30.00 per year.

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Small/Medium Business

Designed for small and medium businesses.

• 750MB Storage
• Unlimited Transfer
• Unmanaged Server
• 1-2 day support response

$ 60.00 per year.

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Enterprise Business

Designed for large and enterprise businesses with heavy data usage.

• 4GB Storage
• Unlimited Transfer
• Managed Server with Daily Checks
• 12-24 hour support response

$ 130.00 per year.

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Dedicated Servers

Designed for complete control.

We offer dedicated servers for you with cheap and easy billing rates. The server is completely managed by you - no restrictions.

Linux distribution of your choice from the list (Ubuntu, CentOS, Debian, Fedora, CoreOS, FreeBSD). • Processor cores from 1 to 4.
RAM sizes from 512MB to 8GB. • Storage sizes from 20GB to 80GB. • Transfer sizes from 1TB to 5TB. • 12-48 hour support response.

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